The Seven Level System of Reiki is a touch activated technique to gain extra unlimited Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is classed as a science of energy, working in harmony with the body promoting stronger health and balance. The complete Seven Level System of Reiki is unique in that it is the only form of Reiki that can offer a therapeutic attunement. Reiki works by assisting to remove the discord at a causal level to improve internal and external health.

Reiki is universal and has no religious background making it freely available to all walks of life. Reiki has the ability to repair and rejuvenate all levels of a person with noticeable positive benefits to everday life. Reiki calms and strengthens the physical and energetic systems within the human body increasing cellular vibration & harmony to assist with recovery from illness and stress.

The 7 Level system is passed on to each person safely via a fully qualified Seven Level Teacher. This is done by placing reiki symbols or Universal symbols into the chakra system which enables the reiki to flow seperate to each one's own life force energy. The reiki symbols are apart of the natural flow of energy present within all elements of nature and life, making it a safe and valuable practice. Reiki enables each person to access more life force energy through their heart and hands via touch,adding extra qualities to life.

There are no limits to what Reiki can assist with:

Each of the 7 levels of Reiki corresponds to one of the main chakras or energy points on the body. The main chakra centres connect to the major organs vital to the functioning of each person. Each level of reiki adds more energy to each Chakra one at a time, this is an ascension process through each chakra adding empowerment and extra energy to your life also creating strength in balance throughout the whole body. Please contact us to discuss reiki courses, reiki treatments or any other inquiries.

Strength in Balance

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